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Since 1980 Boussey Control, is specialized in static electricity, antistatic, surface tension and Corona, Plasma treatments. More than 50 % of the clientele in the world, notably in Europe, in North America, in United States.

Electrostatic charges are mostly generated by friction (triboelectric effect) or from induction. They are producing negative effects as: dust, bad handling, electric discharges, sparks.

Their elimination can be done either with electrostatic bars (without any lasting effect), either chemically (with lasting effect) by using migrating agents in the resin and on the surface (these additives are using surrounding humidity to decrease the surface resistivity of the treated material from 1016 to 1010/12 ohms, this is avoiding any charge accumulation (charge is disappearing at once before growing), either by adding in the resin conductive materials as carbon or metal (these treatments which are difficult to process, give the possibility to reach very low resistivity as 105/6 ohms independently of surrounding humidity).

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